I have written a number of articles surrounding my research topic and also as part of the University of Glasgow’s postgraduate research blog team, writing and editing posts on a range of topics aimed at PhD students at the university. I would also like to sink my teeth into general science writing in the near future!


Gaining Perspectives at the International Ornithological Congress 2018 – British Ornithologists’ Union Blog, September 2018

Curiosity Live at the Glasgow Science Centre – UofG PGR Blog, July 2018

Wildlife in and around Glasgow – UofG PGR Blog, June 2018

Pint of Science Glasgow – UofG PGR Blog, June 2018

Are you a Perfectionist? – UofG PGR Blog, April 2018

Tweeting for Academics – UofG PGR Blog, April 2018

Struggling to Sleep? – UofG PGR Blog, March 2018

Feeling Stressed? Top tips for feeling less overwhelmed this winter – UofG PGR Blog, December 2017

How do Birds Tell the Time? – The Countryman Magazine, 2017

Why Malaria Parasites Keep Track of Time – the GIST Magazine, May 2017

The Early Bird Catches the Worm – New Nature Online, January 2017

How is Life in the City Affecting our Birds? – Activisionary Online, 2015

Specialist Editing

The Curious Incidence of the Cicadas in the Springtime – The GIST Magazine, April 2018