PhD Project

My PhD research combines the fields of chronobiology (clock biology) with ornithology, using birds as a model in order to investigate ecological questions surrounding clocks. Using a variety of approaches from analyses of avian behaviour to genetics, I am investigating questions including whether infection with a “circadian disease” avian malaria, or exposure to artificial light at night (light pollution), has any impact on clock mechanisms.


Jacobs, A., Womack, R., Chen, M., Gharbi, K. and Elmer, K. R. (2017) Significant synteny and co-localisation of ecologically relevant quantitative trait loci within and across species of salmonid fishes. Genetics, (doi:10.1534/genetics.117.300093)

Conference Presentations

  • European Ornithological Union 11th Meeting, Turku, Finland, Avian Genomics Symposium – Oral Presentation (August 2017)
  • University of Glasgow MVLS Doctoral Training Partnership Event – Poster Presentation (2016)
  • Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Summer School, University of Oxford – Poster Presentation (2016)