Research & Teaching

After graduating in Zoology from Aberystwyth University, I continued on to pursue a PhD at the University of Glasgow. I research the biological clocks of birds, and particularly how the mechanisms of the avian body clock interact with features of the environment, such as light pollution.

My research involves a large nest box system at the Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment (SCENE) and a range of field skills from mist-netting and ringing birds (as a BTO trainee) to blood sampling. I also have other previous experience in the field from volunteering on a conservation project (2014), as an avian ecology research assistant for the Madrid Natural History Museum (2015) and at my local zoo.

I have been involved in the supervision of student projects and also worked as a graduate teaching assistant on tutorials covering animal diversity and environmental biology topics.

I have also been involved in a publication on quantitative genetics in salmon species (Jacobs et al., 2017).


Pint of Science Festival Glasgow, Planet Earth Speaker (May 2018)

Aberystwyth University Seminar Speaker (April 2018)

Avian Genomics Symposium – European Ornithology Union in Turku, Finland (2017)