Things get better

As of today, April 1st, it has been 49 days since my climbing accident. Normally, that length of time would fly by during a PhD, but for me, it has felt like forever! For just over six weeks, I have had a short leg cast and crutches, spending the majority of my time in captivity in my flat…

I haven’t been out much, but I did manage to catch some “Glasgow summer” rays through the window last week 😉

After a loooong time of watching TV/reading papers/looking out the window, my cast was finally removed on the 28th March and replaced with a walking boot. Now, I can put some weight on the ankle and start to rebuild strength. After being essentially confined to my flat for six weeks, I can now finally take steps outside!


I can’t tell you how surreal it is to finally be able to get around a bit by myself. It will still be another six weeks before I am allowed to put my full weight on the foot and walk normally, but the situation is much improved… I am raring to get going again with my PhD work, especially as I have recently been accepted to give a talk on my work at an international conference this summer!

To tell you the truth, the past month and a half have been exceptionally hard for me. When you have an injury, usually people ask about how you deal with the pain. But really, it is the loss of freedom, the isolation, the cabin fever and the sudden lack of control which really get to you… But now, I feel the worst is over and I am on the road to recovery back to my normal self.

I wanted to end this post by saying that if you’re going through tough times right now, trust that things will get better in time. You just have to accept and ride out the bad times, and wholeheartedly enjoy the good things in your life!

Thanks to my friends who decorated my cast in zoological fashion 🙂

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