Life update

Sadly I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution of posting on this blog regularly, but the past few months have been very hectic living and working out in Switzerland!

April has been particularly busy month for me, with moving back to Glasgow, attending the annual conference for the British Ornithological Union in Leicester, and officially beginning my PhD project on the same day as turning 23 – all whilst trying to find some time to catch up with friends!

I’m writing this now from my sunny home on the Isle of Wight, allowing myself a little time-out before heading back to Glasgow for the start of the field season! Apparently we are about to head into an early field season, with the birds already starting to nest-build. This means all hands on deck for field work preparation, scouting for signs of nest activity and re-painting numbers on boxes. I’ll be posting some updates here soon from the field, as well as a little bit about my time working and travelling in Switzerland.


A trip home is never complete without a beach walk with my best friend…

Happy Sunday!

– Robyn

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